Who We Are​

CETIS is a wholly Canadian owned and operated tour provider founded on the concept of experiential learning. Our mission is to provide International students with a safe, fun and engaging learning experience. In collaboration with Canadian universities, our innovative program provides students with the opportunity to explore, dream and discover a new world of opportunities!

Our History

In 2010, Mount Sinai Education System launched its first educational venture in Ontario, Canada to give back to the community by preparing children for math contests. ​Having worked closely with hundreds of Canadian students over the years, ​Mount Sinai Education has played an active role in re-shaping the way modern analytical education is approached​. We are the first specialized school listed with the Ministry of Education, Ontario and are actively collaborating with top universities & cutting edge ed-tech ventures to innovate educational solutions.

One Global Mission

As we celebrate our 9th anniversary, Mount Sinai Education continues to lead CETIS. Through the years we have helped hundreds of people by focusing on one global mission: ​Opening the World Through Education